Kurt Russell didn't lose his hair

MGS4 is insane

I will post later when it's not so 1:45AM on a Sunday night. No, I won't post at 1:46AM either. For now, enjoy the comic!


A post every comic keeps the savage fans sated (09-28-05)

Well, you people certainly let me have it if I donít post a comic on time and let me have it even more if thereís no post to go along with it. I have no idea how people read newspaper comics these days without the forty pages of accompanying text and links. Iíve learnt my lesson: hire a typing monkey. The typing monkey suggested that I do something extra and as a result, here is a wall paper from this comic:

MGS5 Wallpaper (1024x768)
MGS5 Wallpaper (1600x1200)

The PS3 has its first nail in the coffin of the Xbox 360 with the trailer of MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. Like MGS2, this trailer will help sell millions of Playstations because itís the most impressive video game on the block. Snake was already old in MGS2 and now he looks ancient and sounds like heís going to cough out a lung at any time. At this point, Snake has aged far worse than Kurt Russell, who played a character named Snake in a couple of movies and who happens to look eerily similar to Solid Snake, mullet and all.

I asked myself, how old would Konami go with Solid Snake in future games? And what could be the reason for Snake aging disgracefully? To keep the series alive instead of on the brink of death as Snake is looking like these days, they could always throw in a clone since they have done it before.

Iíll admit that the MGS4 trailer was such good material for making a comic that I wasnít the only one who thought of using it. On Sunday while I was finishing up the comic, I noticed ctrlaltdel-online.com already had one up. I believe a resounding ďDíohĒ could be heard in my room but as my friend says, "If you have a good idea, chances are that other people have already thought of it". There was another MGS4 comic at VGcats.com on Monday. Penny-Arcade took the high road and didnít do a MGS4 comic.

Lately Iíve been playing Chrono Trigger, the ultimate RPG on the SNES, and itís so well done that it drags me away from wanting a next generation system. There are no random battles in that game and there are eleven different endings! Talk about attention to detail. However, there is no denying that the game canít lure me away from buying a Nintendo Revolution when it comes out. With the unique controller design of the Revolution, it should allow for a lot more innovation in games, even more than what the DS has done. Sure weíll get Duck Hunt 2006 but there will be gold in there.

Since this comic is based on the Metal Gear series, it has many references to Metal Gear; Shame on you if you don't know them. Shame on me already for using old person stereotypes.